Premier Kenney

I am disgusted by your announcement of the $100M loan for orphan well cleanup. This is nothing but another handout to support corporations who have reneged on their responsibilities to clean up their own messes. I am even more disgusted by your pretense of this handout as creating jobs to re-energize the energy sector.

I am an Albertan who is shattered by the myriad of cuts your UCP government is making to essential services because you are so desperately focused solely on trying to prop up a fading industry that is oil and gas. It is heartbreaking.

I am angry about your insistence in supporting corporations who take the money and run and more angry that I have a Premier and a government that cannot admit that they have made a mistake in still believing that trickle down economics work. Corporate handouts are just that, handouts.


all tangled up, all muddled

I am also outraged that you consider this $100M loan to be job creation! This is laughable! But it is also infuriating given that every day we learn about more job losses as a result of your irrational cuts.

When is the Premier going to stop kowtowing to the big oil companies, when are you going to recognize climate change and the evolving energy sector and start diversifying our economy? When is the Premier going to value teachers, doctors, nurses, secretaries and researchers as much as oil patch workers? When are you going to think of Albertans, who value and need their essential services, more than the corporations who run your show? When are you going to care about Alberta?

Irene McDermott

PS when are you going to stop blaming others and start doing your job!

We are the engines of climate change. It is not happening around us; it is happening through us, in us and because of us”         Carolyn Myss