2 weeks ago I sent this email to the Jasons: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Minister of Environment Jason Nixon. So much has happened since that this seems like old news but I think it is even more relevant. For example, the Financial Times, March 5th, 2020 states that Oil traders warn “zero growth” in 2020 demand for oil due to COVID-19 (virus) and this is consistent with the other warnings by global markets giving oil producing provinces a heads up on the need to think beyond oil and gas. That is, the world is transitioning away from a full reliance on fossil fuels and actively developing true renewable energy sources. Since I sent this letter Kenney has added COVID-19 to the list of others he can blame for the lack of foresight of his UCP government in diversifying the Alberta economy and waking up to our climate crisis.  Behind the myopic vision of this government much work is being done to assist those, who are willing, to evolve with our ever changing world. Thanks for that!

Dear Premier Kenney and Minister Nixon,

I am disappointed that you continue to misrepresent what is occurring in this province. As a native Albertan I am devastated by the actions of the UCP in dismantling this great province all in the name of an industry that is past its time and that which the industry itself and the global markets comprehend. That you would insinuate that the decision of Teck Resources is the fault of indigenous protesters and Prime Minister Trudeau is ridiculous at best. Tell the truth, just like Teck Resources CEO and president Don Lindsay has:

“However, global capital markets are changing rapidly and investors and customers are increasingly looking for jurisdictions to have a framework in place that reconciles resource development and climate change, in order to produce the cleanest possible products,” he added. “This does not yet exist here today and, unfortunately, the growing debate around this issue has placed Frontier and our company squarely at the nexus of much broader issues that need to be resolved. In that context, it is now evident that there is no constructive path forward for the project.”

When is the UCP government going to remember the leadership of another conservative Premier, Peter Lougheed who recognized the need to diversify our economy and get beyond the hold of the ever fluctuating oil and gas industry? Of course we are way beyond the days of Lougheed and what he tried to establish. Now the world knows and understands that we must address climate change and transition away from the use of fossil fuels that we know are damaging our environment. The important word here is “transition”.  You ridicule people for promoting climate action while using their cell phones, for example, but it is you who are the fool. These people understand that we will continue to use fossil fuels while we transition to truly renewable energy options of which there are many. The UCP government must walk away from of the hold of the old oil barons who continue to live in the past and get on with a more sustainable future.


we’re at a crossroads

I know I speak for many Albertans and perhaps even some of the 35% of eligible voters who voted for UCP. Alberta UCP needs to quit blaming others and figure out how we are going to move forward in our changing global world. Stop embarrassing us! Get on with diversifying our economy! Teck is no longer there to save you.

Irene McDermott