The theme of this blog My Black Sweater has been on things that I have cared enough about to ponder and then to write about. My ideas posted on the blog, over the last few years, eventually took me beyond the blog and away from it as well. During my absence from this blog I was immersed in a more thorough examination of some of the thoughts that have been roaming around in my head for a very long time. Some of these thoughts had been considered in previous blog posts while others never made it into a blog post.


I am happy to announce that my thoughts and ideas have evolved and have been captured in a book which has just been released.  The book: Remembering What it Means to Be Human: Things we have forgotten and why we need to remember them challenges conventional wisdom about how we live and provides my ideas and designs for a better way.

The book explores my thoughts about our disconnection from our essential nature and why I believe we could benefit from becoming reconnected. Key to our remembering our essential nature is becoming aware of the factors within our current cultural context that blind us and prevent us from being truly human.

book cover 001

The book is presented in three parts: Part One describes our essential nature; our disconnection from it and some thoughts about how we might become reconnected. A description of my personal journey outlines how I came to write the book. Part Two of the book describes my perspective on the blinders within our current cultural context and begins to challenge the reader to think about the value and place of these blinders within one’s way of seeing the world. Part Three of the book examines each of the six elements of our essential nature and presents personal insights and stories along with practice questions to guide the reader in reconnecting with their essential nature.

My hope in writing and presenting the book is that you will be presented with opportunities to look at your individual world from a different perspective and through this altered lens may choose to believe, think and act in ways that are more consistent with being human.

I look forward to your comments or questions about the thoughts put forward in the book. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Go to for options in purchasing the book in either print or as an e-Book. Have a look at for additional information about the book and events related to the same.