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Connection is a concept that has been running through my thoughts for some time now. I see connections everywhere I look and in everything I think about. It seems like it does not matter what book I pick up to read (and I always have several books on the go at the same time) I find that I am reading about similar things. I know that there is a tendency for a person to select books or anything for that matter that satisfies an interest or need or whatever for that person at that particular time and thus the fact that so many of the books I select are saying the same things is not completely a surprise. Having said that I also tend to read books on a diverse range of topics, for example I am reading a book on mindful eating; one on global warming and all that goes with that, a fiction book called The Russlander; a Deepak Chopra book, another on meditation, one on social financing and one on neuroplasticity of the brain. These books represent a variety of topics to be sure and on the surface somewhat different than the other.  Therefore it is more difficult to apply the “like likes like” theory to explain why I am seeing the same concepts and ideas about connection in all these books.

I am also aware that a person tends to see what they are focused on thus the phenomenon that has happened to everyone where for example after you buy a car of a certain style and color you start to notice the same type of car including color and style everywhere when prior to your purchase you had never noticed those cars before. I was convinced that I owned the very first red A4 Avant in Alberta only to begin to notice that there were definitely more red Audis around town and even the exact same model as mine. It wasn’t that everyone had just decided at the same time as me to get a red Audi, no it was that I was now open to seeing these cars.

I am aware that my thoughts are reflected in what I get from what I am reading. I am noticing the things that I am focused on already. Nonetheless I am still holding to the fact that I am seeing connections in the diverse topics that I am reading about.

In my mind what I am noticing is that the same ideas or issues about how everything and everyone is connected are being identified in the work of fiction, written many years ago, as well as in the recent book on neuroplasticity. It is kind of like a meta-connection in that all these authors who would see themselves as writing about a unique topic, in this case connection, are actually writing about the same thing just from a unique angle or from a different point of view. What I take away from noticing this is that we are getting close to understanding the power of connection and perhaps closer to altering our actions both personally and collectively within a framework of connection. I believe that this could change how we see the world, how we act with each other, what we label as important and where we ultimately focus as a society and as a human race. Maybe we will begin to see that it is actually true that “when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world the weather in another part of the world is impacted”. Maybe we will understand that when we make a personal decision we are in essence impacting countless people, other living things and essentially the planet. Then perhaps we will be living from a true connection.

©Irene McDermott