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ever hopeful

ever hopeful

December 21st, 2012 the day that the world was expected to end according to interpretations of the Mayan Calendar. I woke up refreshed this morning to see that it was yet another day. I am still here and the beautiful natural setting is still outside this comfortable abode that I find myself in. All is well.

I did not really expect that the world would end today. Instead I am looking for something else to begin today and with that other things fading in the distance. I am in the camp that believes, perhaps in desperation, that this is the beginning of a new world, one in which we will begin to see just how precious life on this planet is and how important our relatively short stay on the planet is for each and every one of us. I am fortunate being in this wilderness setting as it gives me the opportunity to marvel at nature and to see how interwoven our lives are with other living beings on the planet. The natural setting also opens the door for me to feel how connected we are with the universe, the sun, the moon, the atmosphere that connects the earth to these other bodies and to all the other stars and planets that are often obscured from our vision.

Experiencing the so black dark of the night and then seeing the light return every morning brings me in line with the cycles of the universe and that which we may not always see so clearly. Witnessing the reflection of the stars on the water is a marvel to behold. The perpetual movement of the water and the ever-travelling clouds remind me of the flow that is life. Ever-changing yet constant in being, I too I realize am ever changing.

I have been treated with many things of beauty today. I watched a family of five or more seals playing in the bay; I was mesmerized by two bald eagles tenaciously gliding and then diving for something cleverly making its way through the water and I followed the patterns made by the flocks of water birds as they progressed across the bay having a feed. And all along the trees remain standing majestically on the island in front of my eyes.

I am hopeful that many people in the world are looking at today as the beginning of a shift in our thinking. A shift not only in how we think but also in how we carry ourselves through and in the world. What if it was real that we are at the start of a new level of consciousness for the planet? What if the small but significant acts of each person all over the world created a surge towards compassion, kindness and love? What if we turned our focus away from what we have to fear and instead focused on the things that support us and bring us joy? What if we realized that like the stars I saw reflected in the water we are reflected in what we see in the world and that if we can find a sense of calm and peace within ourselves we ultimately share that calm with the world? What if our reflection of caring for the planet and all that it is could be multiplied a thousand-fold? What if we chose to live in a world governed by love not fear, connection not separation, magnificence not dreariness, abundance not scarcity? What kind of world would it be?

I am a firm believer in our ability to choose how we think and how we act and I choose to believe that today we are beginning our movement towards a better world.