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Today the weather is much calmer than it was yesterday and I am very unlikely to experience another power outage. I am enjoying the occasional sunshine streaming through the clouds. It is still variable as one would expect just before the beginning of the winter season.

This is a winter however that is different for me. I spent most of my life on the prairies where winter most often comes with snow and cold. I enjoyed the snow when I was able to go for walks in the valley near my home or put on my snowshoes and trek through the fields in an unbroken stretch of snow. Skiing in the mountains was always fun and obviously required snow and the more the better. I had less love of the white stuff as I drove through the snow slicked streets or had to walk in the freezing cold. How much snow we had and just how cold it got varied within a season and from year to year but you were pretty well guaranteed some snow and some cold. The saving grace every winter was the glorious sun. It really did not matter whether it was cold outside or not, the beauty of the sun on the snow was something to behold. The snow covered trees were also so very beautiful.

I now live on the West Coast and the winters are so very different. Snow covered trees are a rarity except up in the mountains. I rather like that the snow stays up there for the most part. Living in Alberta I would wish for snow to fall in the mountains but leave the city untouched. This wish was rarely fulfilled.

Here on the West Coast winter is rain and at times lots of it. I feel conflicted about this. Snow covering the trees across the bay would be so beautiful to look at but at the same time I like that if and when I need to drive somewhere I am likely to be driving on wet roads in plus temperatures rather than dreading the accumulation of snow or an ice covered road. It also so very green here and this is supported by the milder temperatures and the moisture that is the rain.

winter wet

winter wet


When it comes right down to it I like both winters, the snowy cold and the wet, mild ones. I appreciate nature’s way of keeping us on our toes. Variations in temperature, winds and precipitation make me pay attention to the environment and how we are connected to it, even though we may forget this at times. Just when we think that we can go about our business as we please, nature gives us a friendly tap like it did on the West Coast yesterday. Cancelled ferries, careening buses and other vehicles and snow on the ground in the City may be viewed as problems or we could choose to see them as a chance for reflection. I feel fortunate that I was able to choose the latter.