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I sit here listening to the pounding rain fall on the metal roof and wonder if it will stop raining and it only just started raining around noon today. I looked at the forecast and it looks like rain and lots of it for the next several days. So how will I respond to this change in weather, will it impact my frame of mind or will I instead turn my focus to what I am doing with my time to determine how I feel. Given the forecast I best do so.

Hearing the rain on the roof reminds me of early days and in particular camping in a tent with my brother and sisters and parents. It would be our summer vacation and we would venture out from north central Alberta to one of the beautiful lakes in the interior of BC. Skaha was the one lake that I have the fondest memories of. These are not clear memories of what we did and certainly are not about the weather but rather the memories are of good times, good feelings about the vacation and memories of spending quality time with my mom and dad and my siblings. Even when it was raining I felt like this was fun. Sleeping in a tent was fun to start with but listening to the rain on the tent made it even more special. I liked that the water seemed so close to us and yet we were protected from getting wet by the walls and roof of the tent. We were lucky we had mostly bright days on these trips, sunny hot days lazing on the beach, playing in the warm lake water and then enjoying a home cooked meal of basic but delicious food. It is funny how things seemed to taste better when cooked on the Coleman stove. I am not sure my mom thought it was so great, having to feed the family using very basic equipment but she always managed to fill our tummies to satisfaction.

It was a simpler time for me partly because I was a child but it was also a simpler time for the whole family and perhaps for everyone. We packed up the car and the car top carrier that my dad had fashioned out of wood to look like a sleek ahead-of-its-time-Thule and headed out of town for our two weeks away. Sure we told neighbours where we were going. Aunts and uncles were recruited to go by every couple of days to make sure that the house was still standing but that was it, we were off. There were no cell phones, no email, no internet and neither of my parents brought work that they hoped they would have time to attend to. On the rare occasion my parents might have used the telephone at the campsite office to call someone at home but this was not commonplace. We had our tent, sleeping bags, the stove, the lantern, our beach toys, beach towels and bathing suits and our sense of adventure. It was a simpler time and the only thing we took seriously was that we were on vacation.