Well I have set myself this task and thus I must complete it. If only it were that simple, setting a list of tasks and then having complete assurance that they will be undertaken and completed.  It is not that simple. I have made countless lists, some very elaborate and actually quite beautiful in nice little tables with coordinating colors and nice fonts. The trouble is that after making the list, ensuring that it is in fact beautifully formatted and then printing it (using all that expensive color ink in those ridiculously small cartridges that seem to run out at that crucial time when you need something printed and it is late at night and you have no inclination to head out to a store to get replacements…. But I digress) Back to my list making, after I print the well formatted list I rarely look at it again until I once more feel like updating the pretty little chart. So why the current thoughts that because I have set “writing at least 500 words on whatever, every day” as a goal that it in fact must be done? Who knows? Not I.


Perhaps being in a different setting with a different set of expectations on my time and how I spend it has had a corresponding impact on my compliance with tasks that I have set for myself. This may be but it is rather early to tell as this is the first day when my new list of everyday tasks has been put into place. Will I in fact follow today’s diligent behaviour with similar behaviour tomorrow? Who knows? Not I.

hard to ignore

Perhaps I should set the stage and provide some background on being in a different setting with different demands on my time and thus what tasks I may choose to undertake. I have the good fortune and at the same time the daunting task of being in charge of someone else’s house for a little over three months. This is good in that the house is beautiful, very comfortable and complete with any amenity that one would need or think they need. It is also good because the house is in one of the most beautiful natural settings that I have seen. The view from most rooms in the house is of the ocean calmly protected by a few cute little treed islands which in of themselves make the view spectacular.  The mountains in the background just add to the almost unreal scenery. I spend many a moment just staring out the countless windows.

Is this one of my everyday tasks on my list and if not perhaps it should be? Does taking time being in awe of nature count as a task to be completed every day? I must admit that appreciating the view did not make it onto my everyday to do list but upon reflection at this moment in time I will in fact add it to the list and thus ensure that at least one of the now 13 daily tasks will in fact be completed.


It is funny how classifying this activity, just sitting here appreciating the stunning beauty that is nature, as an everyday task has given me a sense of relief, a lightening of the load of expectations that I put upon myself constantly. And now I can honestly say that I have completed seven of my everyday tasks and the sun has just set behind those majestic mountains. Hooray!


PS just because I might write something every day there is no guarantee that I will post it on this blog, I may be taking extra time to revel in the scenery before my eyes.