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I bought a bunch of seeds yesterday that I will plant in the garden plots that we have in one of the many local community gardens in my city. It is interesting holding these little envelopes of seeds and thinking about what will develop from them over time. Right now these little paper envelopes seem somewhat inconsequential, some of them seemingly almost empty. Yet I know from experience that much will come from the contents of these little packages.

These seeds remind me of the incredible process that I will have the privilege of watching unfold. Planting these seeds is just the beginning. Putting the seeds in the soil is an act of faith but also an act of commitment. This is a commitment to nurture these seeds through their development encouraging them to flourish and become all that they can become.


full of anticipation


I look forward to cultivating the plants that emerge from the soil. I will cherish the delicious food that will come forth from these seeds. I will take care of my garden knowing that it will nurture me in return. Nice!


Irene McDermott © 2012