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just thinking....

Musing about looking beyond the health care system for our health and well-being I have suggested that we need to reconsider what it is that makes us healthy and move away from our current emphasis on disease and illness at the expense of health.

Similar to the absurd notion where we have been told that war is necessarily for our safety and security maybe we have also been led astray on our health.

What if we have been led to believe that our health is only about our physical health? What if we are able to influence our health at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level?

What if we have been told that the current health care system is about health? What would happen if we looked beyond that system?

What if we have been told that we are incapable of healing ourselves in any shape or form? What if we believe this?

What if we have been told that we need experts to fix us?  How does this impact our personal actions?

What if we feel we can have no real impact on our own health? Does this limit our ability to influence our health and how does it impact our health?

What if the amazing design and structure of the body, mind, spirit was realized? How would this alter our choices about our health?

What if the body is able to heal itself? What if through our actions we can impact our health and well-being?

What if everything we do has an impact on our health? How would this change how we live?

What if?

 Irene McDermott © 2012