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A beautiful sunny day promises spring around the corner. The walkways around the seawall usually quiet during the day are filled with cyclists, walkers and runners alike. People emerge from every building taking advantage of the sun and its warmth. Smiles abound.

sunny day

It is a good day for a walk. A good time to breathe in the fresh, still crisp air and appreciate the beauty that surrounds and to appreciate that one is able to do so. It is a good time to give the body the movement that it loves within a happy frame of mind.

The warmth of the sun brings thoughts of this year`s vegetable garden and all the joy that it exudes. Thoughts about what to plant where, how to organize plants in the most efficient way, and how to put plants that like to be together close to each other.  Thoughts about the many glorious days tending the garden and even more about harvesting the produce.  The fresh tender delicious lettuce and spinach will soon be on our table.

This is a day when it is easy for me to be grateful for lots of things and most importantly the fortunate life that has been bestowed upon me. I am thankful for where I live, how I live, with whom I live, and when in history I live. I wish the same good fortune for all.

Enough said, it is time for that walk.


Irene McDermott © 2012