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A few friends visited me every day during my treasured stay in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was nice to have visitors as I hung out taking time to focus on endeavours that are sometimes difficult to find enough time for at home. Books that I have wanted to explore in more detail, pouring over recent discoveries and just slowing down just a touch. All good stuff to add to my personal pursuit of what matters and the patience to find those elements of life. This also was aimed at furthering my progress towards stillness within a world moving faster and more furious than ever and grounded in my jumpy intense constitution.

The environment of the majestic mountain ranges, the snow peaked evergreen forests and the blanket of snow shining in the sun set the tone. My visitors were the icing on the cake. They put it all into perspective one morning as they chose to chill right outside my window. Engrossed in a book my heart skipped a beat when I glanced out the window and saw the three deer having a rest in the midmorning sun. Three perfect natural beings.

just chillin'


I was mesmerized by their presence. My breathing slowed to a snail’s pace as I felt myself melting into my chair. This was nice. My friends kept me company for a couple hours and then slowly made their way back into the woods.



I was grateful for their visit and a chance to chill with their encouragement to do so. What an enjoyable way to practice patience and stillness. An image of my furry friends will go a long way as I pursue my journey.

Irene McDermott © 2012