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Being in the Rocky Mountains after a few years absence has brought with it a feeling of nostalgia. I grew up and spent most of my life on the prairies that are flat land for miles and miles around and more. After moving to the coast I missed friends and family in my home city but did not think that I missed the terrain and I am not sure that I do.

However, as we drove into the Rocky Mountains to spend some time in Banff it was bit odd to feel the nostalgia that swept over me. It seemed like I had come home and it was a great feeling. The snow on the mountain tops, the bare trees in the forest and the stately evergreens brought with them a sensation of comfort. I had missed this terrain.



I see the North Shore mountains of Vancouver every day but somehow after this return visit to the Rockies they pale in comparison. Maybe it is the majesty of the tall peaks that surround us here in Banff or the vast number of mountain ranges or the frozen waterfalls that blow the mind. It is breathtaking.

such lovely trees


Upon reflection it was more than the terrain that had me swooning. No it was that countless memories and the attached emotions that really led to the nostalgia. Memories of family trips to Banff or Jasper as a child where fun was order of the day. Memories of days on the ski hills with friends and eventually with my children. Memories of walks along the river and trails, of sitting in the hot springs, of good meals and just plain old excitement. Memories of vacations where we took time to relax, enjoy each other’s company, the beautiful scenery, good food and activity.

Some things have changed over time. I now prefer going to the coffee shops than the candy store and I no longer have the urge to ski but the warm feeling of being surrounded by these powerful and magnificent mountains remain.

That three white tail deer come to visit me at the window of our hotel just adds to the magic and the memories for the future.

Irene McDermott © 2012