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feeling the waves

I made a commitment about a month ago to be intentional in my behaviour as it relates to the larger world and anticipated changes in the same. In a post (Ican’t predict the future, February 15, 2012) I posed a question “are we strengthening ourselves to continue to live a good life of service within a world of opportunity”. My question takes me into the anticipated world changes with a focus on opportunity rather than fear. This is an opening for all of us to wake up and be more mindful about our choices, actions, thoughts and intentions. Thus we are contributing to more functional peaceful world and moving away from a violent fearful one.

I made a commitment to the following actions and thoughts in my personal pursuit in this endeavor.  That is I am committed to:

  •          continue to see the future as offering opportunities for positive change
  •          continue to practice and develop a personal level of stillness and patience so that my response to change is more measured and thoughtful
  •          keep examining and writing about what it means to be healthy in the broad sense both in our current world and what may come our way
  •          pursue and enhance efforts to support my overall health (body, mind, spirit) and that of others
  •          consider how I may be of service both now and in the future
  •          be mindful of my decisions and choices and how they may impact others and the future
  •          explore, uncover and perhaps discover ideas for positive change in the world
  •          continue to consider what options we have for the future
  •          be intentional in contributing to peace rather than fear

This morning I felt that I needed to confirm whether I am still on this path. Upon examination I feel that these commitments are still strong and that I have made efforts towards each of them. I will continue to do so. In addition to these commitments I will add my personal ceasefire to the list. I now am very clear that without eliminating the violence and aggression that I place upon myself I will go nowhere. My love of the world and all living beings in it must start with me. My inclination towards trying to be unselfish has distracted me from my behaviour towards myself and that must change. As my good friend Ted Kuntz says in his book and talks: Peace Begins with Me.

I feel that I have made progress on these commitments and the additional one but I know that my actions are not just mine and that the ripples extend from every thought, choice, intention that I have. In that regard I hope that the ripples that have come your way are also helping you on your personal path. Love to all as we continue our journey.


Irene McDermott © 2012