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Once again I was plunged into the depths of sadness as I read the news on the internet. This time stories about two young men whose lives and choices have caused ripples throughout the world and which will impact the hearts of many.

First the story of a young man’s life cut short in an instant in a skiing accident. Although I admired his father’s strength in saying that his son died doing what he loved and what he was passionate about it made me sad nonetheless. Immediately other skiers around the world paid tribute to one of their colleagues so strong and vibrant. The memory of his life and his death is sure to be in the minds of many people, young, old, athletes and spectators. A legacy left but a life cut too short.

The other story is heart wrenching but also extremely disturbing. A US soldier who must have lost all sense of being human has created hell on earth for himself and his victims. This news is so shocking it is difficult to consider and I have no desire to repeat what will continue to be splashed in the news headlines. I only wish to note that I view this as one of the consequences of our acceptance and sanction of war and aggression. It is also a consequence of putting economics and political power ahead of humanity, ahead of the health and well-being of the population.  

When will we acknowledge the damage that is done to people, soldier and civilian alike, who are put in the untenable position of being terrorized by war? How do we move past this incident? Will we learn anything from it? Will the “masters of war” take responsibility or will they take the easy way out and lay the sole blame on the soldier?

This a tsunami not just ripples…..


Irene McDermott © 2012