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Balance is the word that keeps popping into my consciousness today. I have written about balance in many previous posts having looked at balance from a number of different perspectives. If you are interested just click on the tag: balance in the left hand column and these previous posts will be identified.

I have neither the wish nor the will to analyse how I have talked about balance in those previous posts. Instead today I look at balance anew or as anew as it gets when it comes to our examination of concepts within our own philosophical parameters.

Balance brings to mind my sort of sore right butt cheek as a result of balancing in an extended warrior/sun salutation/dance pose in a workshop this week. On quick assessment and categorization this seems like an example of the physical act of balance, in this case balancing on one leg while trying to extend both forward and backwards with the appropriate limbs. However it is not that simple. Although very physical this act of balancing took mental focus and concentration on my part. As my standing leg began to wobble I quickly thought about becoming steady again. I visualized the leg left standing extending down into the ground much like a large tree trunk with it sturdy roots and the wobbliness disappeared, a wonderful feeling.

strong and steady


After several repetitions I felt my emotions begin to creep in bringing doubt about my ability to continue this balancing act for much longer. I thought again of one of my favorite things: trees and thought about how the strong roots of the tree provided not only stability but also the flexibility. This strength and suppleness allowed the tree to wave around in response to the wind and rain and hold its ground. Translating this into my current situation had me shift my feelings of possible collapse and inability to feeling a swaying motion allowing for movement without losing my stance. Once again I was able to maintain the balance that enabled me to move forward.

I noticed that being cognizant of my physical sense of balance, being aware of how my thoughts about this action impacted my ability to stay stable and how my emotional sense of the movement and my capability allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I realized that I was being patient, patient with myself, patient with the instructor who set the task and patient with the process that was underway. This brought with it a sense of stillness and calm. Now when I feel the twinge of pain in my right butt cheek it brings with it a smile and a reminder of the importance of balance and the opportunity that seeking balance presents to us.


Irene McDermott © 2012