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extending themselves

Sometimes when I think about citizenship I think about the phrase a solid citizen. This usually refers to someone who is a fine upstanding person, or a descent well respected stand up individual. This is someone we are expected to trust and whom we assume will do the right thing etc.

In my consideration of our choices about being a citizen of a worldwide community I see the definition of citizen as different than that of the solid citizen. The solid citizen may be well respected and trustworthy but there is no expectation that they will operate from a perspective that takes in more than their personal world. My idea of the opportunity to be a citizen in our ever-changing world takes us beyond our world as defined by family and friends or even like-minded individuals to the full community including those we do not know or think we do not want to know.

Like the leaves that grow within the forest, we have an opportunity to extend ourselves and grow our world to be inclusive and thus actively participating in caring for the welfare of other human beings.

I believe that this takes courage, courage to believe that we are able to contribute and to ultimately be able to make a positive difference.


Irene McDermott © 2012