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so many questions

Thinking about health and wellbeing. What is it that contributes to our health? What if we were able to dictate our health by what we thought? What if we could support our bodies to do the amazing work they are designed to do? What if we could get out of the way of the incredible wisdom of body and mind? What if we could let our brain rest and thus improve its ability to function? What if we recognized our emotions and worked through them rather than against them? What if we acted in partnership with our body, mind, emotions and spirit? What if we paid as much attention to them as we do to the external world? What if we held our power to contribute to our health rather than abdicate our role to (so called) experts? What if we focused on our well being and the signs of being out of balance instead of looking outside ourselves for a reading on our health?

Just wondering?



Irene McDermott © 2012