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so much promise

Immersed in my recent examination of some serious topics has me willingly entering into a darkness of my own making. This is a different kind of darkness than I recall experiencing in the past. Those past periods of darkness left me feeling somewhat out of control and maybe even feeling a bit “hard-done-by”. I would always eventually emerge and be thankful to be back in the light. 

This stint in darkness is so very different in that I do not have any “out of control” feelings and I am quite content to remain immersed within it.

Another way this darkness is unique is that I remain perfectly able to see the vibrant colors of the flowers gently yet confidently blossoming before my very eyes. These flowers do not distract me from my pursuit of these weighty topics that take me into the darkness. Rather they reinforce the pursuit.

You see the lives of these flowers are the very thing that drives me to my concern and thus the examination of what I have referred to as flaws in our way of living in the world.

These flowers are none other than the youth that I have the pleasure of knowing and watching grow and develop. It is these young flowers that I see as gift to brighten my path as I wander around in the darkness.

I speak of a young nephew who has found his voice. Shivers of pride and love travel up and down my spine as I watch his talents unfold along with the many others who are lucky to have had a chance to see his young group play. I wonder where the little boy I knew has been hidden and where this young man materialized from. Here is a vote of confidence for the future.

I speak of nieces living very far away yet so very close in my heart and mind. I marvel at their enthusiastic quest to broaden their experience and their worlds. In particular I am in awe of their efforts and success at learning a new language, one that they see offering them an opportunity for improving their lives and those of the people they love. I love being part of their quest and sharing my love with them. Here is another vote of confidence for the future.

I speak of a youthful niece whose love of dance takes her on a delightful yet courageous path. I love to watch her reveal her ability to be light on her feet, to be expressive in her creativity and to shine as she performs. Her creativity already so well shown in so many arenas will take her to many places. I love to be part of her adventure. Here is yet another vote of confidence for the future.

I speak of a sister and brother that I am thrilled call me Auntie, who exude positive energy in everything they do. I am humbled by their ability to see the light in the world and the bright side of every situation. I love that they do not share the disillusionment that is so understandable for the generations who come before them. I am happy to be part of their lives even though we live on different continents. Here is one more vote of confidence for the future.

I am very fortunate as I have also watched many other youth develop into beautiful strong and resilient adults and I know that this is what I can expect for those still just starting out on their path.

I reiterate that these are the flowers that reinforce my pursuit. These flowers are what drive my concern, emphasize my need to open up my awareness and call attention to my examination of the choices we can make about our way of living in the world.


Irene McDermott © 2012