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a concrete sign

Since starting my writing adventure that is My Black Sweater in October of 2011 I have covered a wide range of topics, some more serious than others. Lately I seem to be on a fairly serious path, questioning our society’s definition of health and well-being and then identifying a number of things that I believe are fundamental flaws in our current world and examining how these relate to the inevitable change occurring in our world. Some of this is pretty heavy and appears to be in complete contrast with another path that I am on, that is the path of stillness and patience. I have written about this personal conflict inAn interesting balance and in Stillness does not equate to complacencyand in other posts.

So on one level I am happy to continue down this path and let things unfold as they will. But to be honest, once in a while I crave confirmation that this is worth pursuing. I wonder whether trying to collect my thoughts into something at least somewhat coherent so that I may share them with others is a good use of my time.

Thinking and writing are two ways that I love to spend my time so this keeps me going. There is always one more thing to write about, so on I go.

I have been finding a lot more pennies lately which is in my mind a sign that my late brother-in-law Mickeyis giving me a thumbs –up, so this is good.

Today on my morning run along the seawall I got another thumbs-up! Here was a concrete sign on concrete combining both of my paths: “paying attention to the things that don’t make sense” (so that we can make choices that pull us into a more favourable path) and “being here now” (practicing and opening my awareness through stillness and patience and giving me the fortitude to continue to examine the things that do not make sense).

I’ll take it as a clear sign! And a big thanks to whoever defaced these not so pretty concrete blocks that currently block the view of the water. On I go.


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