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I have been writing on the weighty topic of the implications and considerations related to the predictions of the future for our ever changing world. Choosing to examine how one can personally contribute to the adaptation of our world puts us in an optimistic place and pulls us away from fear (I can’t predict the future;February 15, 2012; Ripples of choice; February 16, 2012). It does not however stop me from consideration of what needs to change!

This takes us on a path to a world of opportunity that is founded in compassion, love, consideration of others, cooperation, connection and community and all those good things away from those that do not support humans or the planet in a positive way.

These non-supportive aspects of our current world are those that must alter if we are to survive as a human race and if we want to secure the continuation of the planet. I noted in previous posts that how things unfold in this changing world is dependent on whether and how we choose to participate.

I see striking examples of where change is needed in our world and why it is needed every time I look at the news. Each news story may seem independent, unrelated to others yet I believe that so much of the fear and tragedy that we see and read about in the news and that we see everyday results from some fundamental flaws in how we operate as a society, as a world. Honest examination of these flaws and what we can do differently point us in the direction of healing ourselves and the planet. Both necessary for successful evolution of us and of our world.

The flaws I refer to are major defects with wide-reaching implications and consequences. As such they require considerable thought and examination if we are to be able to see the intricacies of the defects and thus determine adaptations or solutions. Each one is a flaw into itself but they are also interrelated, one feeding on and impacting the others. None of them can really be considered in isolation from the others and yet to try to look at all of them at once is absolutely overwhelming and paralyzing.

Nonetheless and as I have said in a previous post I believe that the severe alteration or disappearance of these flaws, that we are somewhat blind to, would be of benefit to mankind and the rest of life in the world. In other words examination of these issues is worth the effort.

finding the flaws


The flaws I have been referring to include: our sole dependence on the economic system at the expense of any other consideration; sanctioned warand other forms of violence and aggressionthroughout society; the loss of the democratic system in favour of power, status and the mighty dollar; growing inequities in wealthamongst the population across the world; our fragile focus on celebrity as our role models at the expense of our own self-worth; the ultra-competitive context spawned by economics, hunger for power and status that negates a cooperative atmosphere between humans, that negates love; loss from culture and the arts being devalued as critical to the well-being of society; the focus on illness at the expense of a broader conception of healthand support of the same; our inattention to and disregard of the needs of the natural environment in our excessive quest for more; the inequities in living standards between the developed and the developing countries and within all countries with extremes of the rich and the poor; the use of religion as a vehicle for violence and to exclude and discriminate;  rising physical, mental and spiritual illness as seen in increasing demands on the ever growing health care and other human service systems; the criminalization of addictions, mental illness and poverty; the lack of a comprehensive philosophical basis for maintaining the common-good of the population of the world; and our collective memory loss about what it means to be human.

I am sure that I have forgotten something.

We have come to accept these things as being our truth, as being the way things are. We continue to struggle to retain these false notions yet under this thin veil of acceptance we know that this cannot go on. As Leonard Cohen sings:

Everybody knowsthat the boat is leaking

Everybody knows that the captain lied

Everybody got this broken feeling

Like their father or their dog just died”


I return to our ability to choose. Our capacity to be human and enhance and grow the things that support us as humans: love, compassion, belonging, relationship, acceptance of others, cooperation, connection and community. I return us to stillness as a practice for us as individuals so that we may set the foundation that enables us to choose to contribute to an optimistic and peaceful future. I return us to patience as a means to breathe & then respond rather than to be triggered & react.


Irene McDermott © 2012