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I awoke this morning with thoughts about connections. I thought about the connections that I have with my family both near and far. I thought about the connections that I have with friends and about those that I am just beginning to weave. Like the flowers sharing the earth, air, water and light we create bouquets of different colors, shapes and sizes through our connections.

beautiful connections

I reflected on my good fortune of having many connections and about my intention to continue to foster the connections that I do have and to grow those that are just sprouting. Like beautiful flowers that grow and share their beauty, our connections offer us a chance to see the magnificence in others and in ourselves.

Being distracted by everyday life I find that I am not always cognizant of the significance of the connections that I have and using a popular phrase: I do not always “stop to smell the flowers”. Or there are times when I wonder if my connections with others are apparent or important to them and therefore necessary for me to continue to pursue. Am I separate from the whole, from others? Does it matter what I do, how I do it and why I do whatever I do?

I am usually quickly reminded that I am connected and that these connections are important for me and those I am connected to. Although at times I feel my journey is only of significance for me I am reminded that this not the case. My actions and intentions are woven together with those of others and if we are able to see and feel these connections we are able to weave together something that is beautiful.

all woven together

This morning I was reminded of my connections with family so far away geographically yet so close in many other ways. I am enthusiastic about continuing to grow these connections. This made me smile and renewed my energy to continue to share my ideas, my thoughts and my dreams about our world, big and small. I welcome those new to my writing and I eagerly accept your comments and thoughts.  

Irene McDermott © 2012