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I have selected a number of not-so-wonderful (for me) topics for my posts over the last week and had more to say on the subject of the violence and aggression related to war and in particular to the atrocities of the Holocaust and the rippling impacts of both. The continued participation in war around the world and the anticipation of further war is sickening at best.

To balance things somewhat I have also written many posts which focus on stillness and patience. I receive a daily “peace” quote from a website http://www.LivingCompassion.org. A quote I recently received seemed apropos for the balance I am attempting to achieve between my personal pursuit of stillness and my need to be inquisitive and questioning of the status quo and how we as society function. The quote is as follows:

“Mastery of the inner world, with a relative contempt for the outer, must inevitably lead to great catastrophe. Mastery of the outer world, to the exclusion of the inner, delivers us over to the demonic forces of the latter, and keeps us barbaric despite all outward forms of culture.”

– Carl Jung


don't turn your back on it all

This says so much about the importance of balance in our lives and our attention. Being introspective in isolation while either ignoring or worse yet despising the world and its culture gets us nowhere. On the other hand ignoring the need for personal growth only keeps our heads buried in the sand.

I will continue to pay attention to my inner world and will continue to be careful not to let my contempt for the outer world rise unnecessarily.


Irene McDermott © 2012