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lots of space

Sunday morning, still and quiet ahead of the awakening world. Time to breathe, to just sit.  Have we lost that time with our move to make all days productive and indistinguishable from the others?

I recall when I was a child and even up until I was a young adult when the world slowed down on Sundays. I never cared much for going to church, except when I was with my Grandmother, but I always liked the different feel of Sundays. Stores were closed giving the poorly paid, hardworking retail clerks time to be with friends and family. Shopping was not available as a family outing so other activities came to the fore. People had time and took time to visit, to share conversation and food and continue to strengthen their connections with the people in their communities. The expectations to be doing something, working on something or somewhere was not there on Sundays and actually was discouraged. There was some sense in this.

It was easier to just let things rest a bit and not to be expected to do as much. Better yet there were opportunities to do things that would not have been justified during the week: “Let’s go for a drive” was always a welcome enquiry. Working on a jigsaw puzzle was considered legitimate rather than “not a good use of time”. It was a: “breather”; a chance to “catch your breath”; “time to breathe”.

This break in the week gave us a chance to breathe both figuratively and literally. I take this time back and take it further in recognizing the importance of the need for breathing space in my life and integrating the act of focussed breathing into all of my days. Have you taken time to pay attention to your breath and taken time to just breathe, just sit?

Irene McDermott © 2012