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a convoluted path

Nature and natural settings are a source of inspiration to me. I feel they often mirror our situations, our needs. This photograph is of a path I have physically trekked up and enjoyed. It is also a representation of the convoluted path I feel I am on in examination of and writing about my thoughts and considerations related to aggression in our society. Aggression that for the most part is sanctioned yet violent nonetheless.

In a previous post (Have we learned anything?,January 27, 2012) I spewed out a number of “big” questions surrounding the Holocaust, war and other forms of violence in our society. I intend to consider these questions in my writing over the next week or more but felt a need to step back and to try to decipher the details of the complicated and somewhat difficult path.

The difference between the path in this photograph and the path that our history of war and aggression has taken us on is in the result. Here in the forest the trees provide their roots, their foundation as a source of support for us humans and other animals who travel in this forest. These roots mingle and mould themselves between and amongst the boulders to create a mutually habitable milieu for the flora of the forest. This is a welcoming place.

Unlike the impact on the environment both human and other caused by war and other forms of aggression. Here we are left with deep wounds and further movement away from a hospitable milieu.

I believe that like the climb up this path, my examination and reflection of this area of challenge is well worth the effort.

Irene McDermott © 2012