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I have no idea what to write about for today’s post. I have considered and have started a number of ideas only to be stymied from getting anywhere close to finishing a post. Nothing seemed to be coming forward in a strong enough way to make enough words flow from me onto the paper. I considered talking more about Mickey and the things I learned from him but those lessons are so fundamental to my being that they deserve more attention than I have time to give today. I thought about posting one of the many stories lurking on the hard drive of my computer but they were written in the past and need a review and probably an edit before I would want to post them. I had a quote sent to me today that I liked and want to write about but when I began the process I realized that just like my considerations of lessons learned from Mickey I want to spend a little more time reflecting on the quote and what it says to me. I have an entire series of health care related topics that I have sketched out but again they require proper attention and consideration. My lunch of warmed up vegetable curry and brown rice was so delicious and had such varied flavour that I could have written an entire post describing it but it was so good that I ate it all before I snapped a photo and it would not have been nearly as good a post without the photo, so that was gone.  My interest in vitality and how to support our bodies, minds and spirits to be as well as possible could spawn a dozen or more posts but again nothing specific seemed to emerge today. The dark chocolate with sea salt that I was driven to in frustration was mulled over as a possible topic but how much can I say about chocolate? (quite a bit actually)  Nothing on the extensive list of topics that I want to write about at some point jumped out at me today.

I decided to view my countless photographs for inspiration but although I saw many photos that I love the words did not flow. So I decided to have a quick look through the local daily newspaper but was only sidetracked by the Sudoku, which I did by the way. I was going nowhere fast and so was my time today.

looking for flow


Maybe this is what they call writer’s block? Maybe I am distracted, by what I am not sure. Maybe there is nothing for me to say today.

Reminds me of a song by my pal Van Morrison, “I’d Love to Write Another Song” :

“I’d love to write another song,

But nothing seems to come

I’d love to write another song,

To carry me along

I’d love to write another song,

I’m searching everywhere

Though I look for inspiration it’s just not there”

Avalon Sunset

Like Van, I guess I will continue to look for inspiration and hopefully the words will flow once again tomorrow.  I think I’ll go for a coffee now.


Irene McDermott © 2012