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I came across a very distinguished looking great blue heron on my way home the other day. He caught my attention and I stopped to just watch him for a little while.

He seemed so content just sitting there amongst the various ducks that usually hang out at this spot. I admired his balance as he groomed himself, his fluffy beard majestically flowing down from his beak. I half expected him to fly off as I gingerly made my way down the bank to get close enough to take a photograph but he remained where he was. Neither the foot traffic of the humans and the dogs on the nearby trail nor the ducks, seagulls and crows seem to faze him. He did not appear the least bit distracted instead stood steadfast on the slippery log just watching the world go by. He was comfortable where he was and that was that.

It drew me to my considerations of stillness and patience over my lifetime but in particular in my various posts this past month. I have been cognizant of the messages about our need for and our ability to get to a place of stillness and patience by being in and paying attention to nature. Watching the natural flow of the water in a rolling rocky creek or the surge of water over the boulders and rocks of a waterfall has inspired me to consider whether I let things flow. I can use my imagination to bring that flow of the water into my being bringing me a sensation of calm and freedom and closer to stillness.  A walk in the snowy valley allowed me to appreciate the winter season of rest and stillness for so much of the flora and fauna of the forest. It gave me pause for consideration of the importance of things slowing down, a respite from the regular pace. A time to reflect, a time to contemplate and consider how I lead my life. Taking time to consider how my choices impact my life and the lives of others.

In another post (Better than winning the prizes at the flower show; January24, 2012) I wrote about my reflections on the life of my late brother-in-law and how he chose genuine concern and consideration of others to bring stillness to his life. Through that choice he brought joy and love to many people which were reciprocated when he needed it the most. Gifts he presented to me in the form of life lessons have also influenced how I have chosen to lead my life.

his majesty

Now my majestic friend, the great blue heron, brought the wisdom of nature and that of my dear Mickey together and offered me yet another perspective on the potential of stillness and patience. Thanks

Irene McDermott © 2012