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Patience as I have been thinking about it is really about being able to wait for things to unfold as they should. It is about being content with stillness. It is about learning to be with the magic that is this life.



My recent tests of my patience, waiting for arrival of flights and waiting for flights, roused my attention about how I, like so many people especially in the western world, have come to expect instant gratification. Topped off with rapid advances in technology we have come to expect things to happen quickly, instant communication with text messaging, email, etc. Schedules are made with no room for the unexpected and within the expectations that things will work to our advantage.  A flight is delayed and our coffee dates are thrown out of the window and all the many things we had planned to fit into one day all tumble on top of each other. The magic of being able to go from one city to another more than a thousand kilometers away in just over an hour is lost on us until it does not happen smoothly.

A walk in the valley, the walk that I used to do regularly before moving to another city brought back that stillness for me. A chance to appreciate being surrounded by nature, to share that appreciation with family and to breathe the still calm air. A milieu where stillness comes naturally. What a great start to a wonderful day.




Irene McDermott © 2012