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A hike in the woods along the Baden Powell trail from Deep Cove was good for the soul and the body. It was so wonderful that I did it again a few days later this time going all the way to the Indian Arm Lookout. It is just the right distance, 1.9 kilometres to the lookout and the view is a fitting reward. I could not go all the way out onto Quarry Rock for a full unobstructed view of the cove because of my fear of falling off the rock and into the ocean. My fear of heights has diminished somewhat after living perched up on the 23rd floor of a high-rise building but not enough to get me to the edge of the rock. I looked at the people who were sitting on the rock peering over the edge with absolute dismay, how were they able to do that?  Maybe over time I would be able to too.

The scenery along the trail was breathtaking and although I was not there for the purposes of taking photographs (as that would be a much different and longer walk) I could not help but shoot a few pictures. The streams and waterfalls were stunning as was the vegetation throughout the trail. I would have to take a trip along the trail for the express purpose of taking photographs at some point.

A pair of trees caught my attention on this hike. I probably could have taken one photograph that would have captured the interdependence of the two trees a little bit better but didn’t so present two pictures so you can get the picture.


forever connected

I was fascinated with these two particular trees. At first I thought they had just grown very close to each other and had merged at the base because of their physical proximity but upon examination it actually seemed like they came from one single trunk.  They were together yet were two very distinct trees. Gazing up at the tops of the very tall trees I could see that each one was unique at the same time as being very similar to each other.

joined yet so very separate


Connections, relationship, leaning on others were things that came to mind. From a certain perspective the trees appear to be two separate trees while on the other hand they are clearly joined as one. These trees displayed an opportunity to come from a deep connection without losing individuality or unique characteristics. I thought about how on a windy day these two trees benefited from their unmoving foundation and still enjoy a different feeling and response to the surroundings. Their strength was evident both where they were connected and where they were separated.

Looking at this from the perspective of the human condition these trees showed how a solid connection can support us in our growth and development as we take our separate journey through life. I thought about the number of connections we each have and how those connections might appear if we were trees and how they appear as they are. I also thought about how we can foster these connections making them more solid even as we go our separate and individual ways.

 It was a beautiful sight.


Irene McDermott © 2012