My last post for 2011 and a time to reflect once more. I have talked about a lot of topics and things that I care a lot about over the past couple of months in 57 posts containing a total of very close to 48,000 words. My blog has also provided me with a vehicle to display some of the many photos I have taken over the years and continue to take. If someone had asked me to write 48,000 words over two months I would have thought them daft and me incapable of the task. It goes to show you that there are possibilities that we may think are just that until we break them down into nice chewable chunks (still have not moved away from the obsession with food). I have enjoyed the writing, the discipline of posting every day except Sundays and the thinking, the reflecting, the considering, the research, the learning and the feedback I have received from my 25 followers and others. It is great to know that there have been over 1000 looks at my site since I started it. I love to know if what I have written makes sense to you and if it does not. My writing is only my opinion and my way of seeing the world and I am always interested in common thinking and different ways of seeing things, so please continue your comments, thanks.

I have written about things like: books; cafes; Christmas; celebrations; survivors; quotes; nature; community gardens, gardening, suicide, murder, weddings, death & grief; overeating, yarn & knitting; trees; breath; potlatch, hugging trees; the gini co-efficient; fire alarms; colour, travel; Remembrance Day; food; winter solstice; my boots; parking; Cowichan teachings; honey bees; sleep; posture; building fires; power outages; Downtown Eastside in Vancouver; religions; 100 kilometre diet; reverting back to using pencil and paper for my writing and snow.

Social and other issues that got my attention and will likely continue to draw me to contemplation and consideration included: Attawapiskat; child poverty; the Occupy movement; the illness industry pretending to be a health care system; concentration camps; fear mentality attached to our current systems; the future; the economic system; homelessness; income inequity; sharing the wealth; being green; student hunger; corporate social responsibility; living wage; superiority; breast cancer screening & mammography; sustainability; charity; colonialism; commonalities among religions; war and cultural annihilation.

lots of stuff

I have considered and written about a wide range of states of mind and ways of being such as: abundance; celebration; compassion; fear; courage; greed; hyper-vigilance; inspiration; kindness; arrogance; being silent; peace; responsibility; relaxation; generosity; vitality; moderation; freedom; gratitude; conflict & contradictions; health; satisfaction; connection; violence; sadness; grief; learning from others; exclusion; inclusion; the golden rule; cooperation; memories; discrimination, learning from history; routines and habits; being homesick; sharing; missing my children; curiosity; tranquility and probably something else.

I have quoted many people and acknowledge my friends like Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Hildegard von Bingen, Jimi Hendrix, Einstein, Mother Teresa, and Dr. Seuss.

many stones left unturned

Looking at my posts and the most used categories and tags it is clear that some of my favourite topics consider the importance of balance, behaviour change, belonging, philosophy, choices, opportunity, community, love, love of mankind, friendships, sharing and relationship expressed through talking about challenges, choices, and perspectives.

Reflecting and reviewing my posts highlights my interest in contributing to shifting our collective thinking away from greed, avarice and selfishness towards community, cooperation, sharing and relationship through personal reflection, choosing moderation, being fair and taking responsibility for our lives and our decisions and remembering that our personal choices impact other people, the environment, the future of society and the planet.

Irene McDermott © 2011