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I came across a piece of writing that caught my attention. It was presented as a quote about peace and although I agree that it is about peace I also see it as much more. It speaks to many values I hold close to my heart.


·         Acknowledging our common need for love, love that is open and unashamed, love that is beyond an intention and is demonstrated in action.

·         Fostering and enriching friendships, admitting their importance for each and every one of us and ensuring that they are inclusive rather than exclusive

·         Inspiring open and honest communication about our hopes, dreams and concerns even when the subject matter is difficult to talk about

·         Moving away from feelings of greed and entitlement to feelings and actions of sharing and considering others

·         Accepting people regardless of their status or stature but because they too are human

·         Encouraging growth, curiosity and learning to widen perspectives and thus tolerance and acceptance of diversity

·         Honouring the personal path of each person and recognizing the importance of their journey


all together now


I have learned that the quote is actually a prayer from the Siddur (prayer book) of the Shir Hadash a group organized to “to promote a bold and innovative vision of traditional Judaism for Israeli residents and visitors alike”.


May the door of this home be wide enough

to receive all who hunger for love,

all who are lonely for friendship.

May it welcome all who have cares to unburden,

thanks to express, hopes to nurture.

May the door of this house be narrow enough

to shut out pettiness and pride, envy and enmity.

May its threshold be no stumbling block

to young or strained feet.

May it be too high to admit to complacency,

selfishness, and harshness.

May this home be for all who enter,

the doorway to richness and a more meaningful life

– The Siddur of Shir Chadash

 I hope you enjoy this prayer as much as I do.


Irene McDermott © 2011