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I came across some material that I had picked up in a visit with staff of the Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre operated by the Cowichan Community in Duncan on Vancouver Island, BC. during one of my research projects last year. Amongst the papers describing programs and services I found this: Cowichan Teachings.  I wanted to share this with you. I think it says a lot and it makes a lot of sense to me.

Cowichan Teachings

·         The family is the heart of life

·         Honour the elders

·         Each person is important

·         Everything in nature is part of our family-we are all relatives

·         Live in harmony with nature

·         Take care of the Earth and Take only what you need

·         Take care of your health

·         Be positive

·         Enjoy today

·         Share what you have

·         Be honest and truthful in all you do and say

·         Do the best you can do, be the best you can be

·         Learn from another

·         Respect the rights of one another

·         Respect your leaders and their decisions

·         Respect your neighbours

·         Take responsibility for your actions

·         Help one another and Work together for the good of all

·         All things are connected

·         Give thanks for what you have been given