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I am celebrating! I am celebrating the one month anniversary of my blog My Black Sweater.  I am celebrating my resolve to write everyday and to post every day except for Sundays. I am celebrating this 29th post. I am celebrating having written over 29,000 words in one month. I am celebrating that I have 16 individuals following my blog, thank you!! I am celebrating finding photos (all but a few taken by me) to complement the topics of my posts.


I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to write about things that I care a lot about. I am grateful for the freedom of speech that I may exercise without fear of reprisal. I am grateful for the choices I have made and for my attention to both the ability to choose and for the choices themselves. I am grateful for my restless and introspective soul that always takes me back to wondering WHY about a lot of things. I am grateful for the chance to think and consider topics that I am interested in. I am grateful for my followers. I am grateful for my pencil, paper and my computer. I am grateful for both my black sweater and my green sweater (Another take on green; November 24, 2011). I am grateful for WordPress.com.


I am thrilled to hear either through comments posted on my blog or through other means that something I have written has resonated with someone. I am pleased to feel a connection with others through my writing. I am content!


Irene McDermott © 2011