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I have always loved quotes and song lyrics. These are attributed to other people, usually people famous for one reason or another. I find that they state things that I would have said if they had not already done so, so in essence I agree with them. They are often a more articulate way of saying something that I believe in. I feel and hope that using these quotes or lyrics help to strengthen what I have to say. Some of the reports I have written are filled with quotes and lyrics in the margins, there to lend credence to what I have suggested. I have used quotes and song lyrics in some of the posts in this blog. Personally I find these words a source of inspiration and know that they have also influenced me and therefore my writing.

Here is a quote that I love:      

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power

the world will know peace”

Jimi Hendrix

Given that Jimi died in 1970 and we are experiencing the issues we are in society today, I am not sure we have made very much progress towards his dream.


I have composed a PAGE entitled Words of Wisdom on my blog (see tab above) that I will use to hold the quotes that I like. I will include quotes and lyrics that have been included in my posts as well as others that have not yet been integrated into a post but might eventually be included. Please have a look at the page once in a while to see if there are any new quotes. Hope they are as inspiring or interesting to you as they are for me.



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